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Scene 1 [Tram] :

[The Village People's Y.M.C.A. plays]

♪ It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. ♪

♪ They have everything for the men to enjoy ♪

 You can hang out with all the boys 

 It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. ♪

♪ It's fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A. ♪

♪ You can get yourself cleaned, you can have a good meal ♪

♪ You can do whatever you feel ♪

[A man] - All right, everybody off !

[Music stops]

[Everybody in the tram] - Whoo !

[A man in the tram] - Gotta call this in.

[The Driver] - Miss !

[Hank] - Dying on a streetcar while dancing to Y.M.C.A. What do you think ?

[Nick] - Sounds like a crappy way to go.

[Wu] - Hey. Body I.D.'d as Serena Dunbrook. 34, lives in the pearl.

[Nick] - Probably on her way to work.

[Wu] - Which is the swank law firm of Berman, Rautbort, and Associates.

[Nick] - Wallet biopsy on her purse ? This is our victim.

[Wu] - That's what she used to look like. It's unofficial but Kick Squad's thinking anaphylactic shock.

[Hank] - That could happen from one little bee sting ?

[Nick] - We need to get the M.E. On her medical records. See if she was allergic to anything.

[Wu] - Ask me, this is a waste of your time.

[Nick] - We don't know if this was an accident yet.

[Wu] - Must've been a killer bee, huh ?

[Hank] - There was a swarm that attacked a dog in Cathedral Park last week.

[Wu] - Okay, come on. 20 bucks says no foul play. Who's in?

[Nick] - Me. Pay up. Looks like a puncture wound.

[Hank] - Maybe a needle.

[Wu] - More like a nail.

[Nick] - Time to get Harper out of bed.

[Wu] - Ooh, lucky you. Bet your gal's wearing something sexy.


Scene 2 [Autopsy Room] :

[Harper] - Here it is. Cause of death: Anaphylactic shock. Mode: Apitoxin.

[Nick] - As in bee venom.

[Harper] - Gold star. Phylum Anthropoda. Class insecta. I sent a sample to a local apiarist for further analysis.

[Hank] - That's a beekeeper. I can play this game too.

[Nick] - Now, let's pretend that it wasn't a bee sting.

[Harper] - Oh. Going for the extra credit. Well, it's definitely a puncture wound. But I can't tell you what made it. I've never seen a needle gauge this big.

[Nick] - So was she allergic to apitoxin?

[Harper] - No. But medical records never kept anyone from dying. I found close to 50 milligrams of apitoxin in her system. F.Y.I., a bee sting carries about .1 milligram.

[Hank] - That would make it a bee the size of LeBron James.

[Harper] - More like the big three combined.

[Nick] - Okay, sports fans. So Serena Dunbrook gets on a Portland streetcar, people erupt into spontaneous dance ...

[Hank] - And our opportunistic killer takes advantage of the chaos, injects her with bee venom ... Weird, but possible.

[Harper] - And definitely ... Definitely a homicide.


Scene 3 [Police Station] :

[Wu] - 7:14 A.M., there's your victim.

[Nick] - Got her. Move past this.

[Hank] - All right. Anything ... Anyone eying her wrong, reaching for anything ? Okay, now slow it back down.

[Nick] - Look at 'em. It's like they're waiting for a cue.

[Wu] - Now, that's a flash mob.

[Nick] - There. We lost her.

[Hank] - Can you do anything, Wu ?

[Wu] - No. That's it. The camera's stationary. She falls out of sight.

[Hank] - That flash mob was our witness pool.

[Nick] - Get this on the news. Anyone innocent should come right forward.

[S. Renard] - I want your full attention on the streetcar death, all right ? We don't need the city scared to use public transportation. Now, Harrison Berman, the head of the vic's law firm, he's upset, he's angry, we're gonna have to deal with this. You sure this wasn't a random killing ?

[Hank] - It doesn't look like it.

[S. Renard] - All right, well, anything you need, you let me know.


Scene 4 [Lawyer's office] :

[H. Berman] - Everybody just loved Serena. You couldn't meet that girl and not fall for her charms.

[C. Gotleib] - Top of her class at law school. I was a year beneath her. She kinda took me under her wing.

[Nick] - And was Serena working on anything that could have motivated this ? A particular case, a problematic client, anything?

[H. Berman] - Not that I remember. Not everyone likes lawyers.

[Nick] - Well, we'll need to look through all of Serena's casework just to be certain.

[H. Berman] - Sure. Full access. Whatever you need. I'll messenger everything over.

[Hank] - Now, what about her personal life ? Boyfriend ? Fiance ?

[C. Gotleib] - I mean, she wasn't ready to settle down. She was ... She was really happy with who she was.

[Nick] - I'm sorry.

[H. Berman] - You just find the animal who did this.

[Nick] - We'll do everything we can, sir. I'm sorry for your loss.

[Cell phone buzzes]

[Hank] - Harper's bee man just buzzed me. Yeah, I went there.


Scene 5 [In a beekeeper] :

[Hank] - What makes a guy wanna work every day in such a dangerous environment ?

[Nick] - What, robbery and homicide too tame for you ?

[E. Spinella] - The Queen. She likes you, Detective. Don't be fooled. She's fiercely protective of her hive. It's unusual that she should show herself like this.

[Nick] - So, Mr. Spinella...

[E. Spinella] - Professor.

[Nick] - Professor Spinella. Were you able to analyze the apitoxin that our coroner sent over ?

[E. Spinella] - Indeed I did, Detective.

[Hank] - And ?

[E. Spinella] - Well, it's not synthetic.

[Nick] - You mean someone harvested 50 milligrams of apitoxin from actual bees ?

[E. Spinella] - Apparently so. You see, natural apitoxin carries geographical traits. Signatures. By analysis of the chemical ratios of the venom, one can determine the geo-regional origins.

[Hank] - So where did the apitoxin that killed Serena Dunbrook come from ?

[E. Spinella] - Well, I'd definitely categorize it as, uh, exotic. Which would normally mean China, Africa, France ... However, your apitoxin shows levels of phospholipase too, that I've never seen before. This apitoxin has no known origin. Uh, excuse me.

[Hank] - Unknown origin ? What is this, some Sci-Fi crap ? That stuff couldn't just come out of nowhere.

[Nick] - What, do you think he's hiding something ?

[E. Spinella] - Detectives. In case I'm on that list of yours, harvesting apitoxin in that amount would require much more sophisticated equipment than I have at my disposal. Besides, I was at the Howard Johnson in Eugene last night for this year's Oregon beekeeper's con.

[Hank] - Pretty crowded convention ?

[E. Spinella] - Well, there's 12 of us, actually. Anything else I can help you with ?

[Nick] - No, Professor. We'll be in touch.

[Hank] - A streetcar full of dancers, and 12 bee geeks in a motel room ? Your suspect pool's getting bigger, huh ?


Scene 6 [Police Station] :

[Wu] - T.V. coverage paid off. Say hi to your flash mob. Excuse me. 22 so far. By the way, the Captain's been taking a keen interest in this one. He's even asking me what's going on.

[Hank] - Listen, then do us a favor. While we talk to the village people, can you check out the alibi of Professor Spinella last night ? Some convention at the Ho-Jo's in Eugene.

[Nick] - And get us the name of every beekeeper who was there.

[Wu] - No problem. Have fun with your interrogations.

[Hank] - We will.

[Interrogation Room]

[Witness 1] - I didn't know anyone ...

[Witness 2] - On that streetcar.

[Witness 3] - Every one of 'em was ...

[Witness 4] - ... a stranger.

[Nick] - Then why were you there ?

[D. Shellow] - I got the invite.

[Witness 4] - Totally random ... Tweet, telling me a ...

[Witness 3] - Time and a ...

[Witness 6] - Place, ...

[Witness 2] - ... and what to do.

[Witness 1] - Get on at ...

[Witness 4] - Yamhill ...

[Hank] - And dance the Y.M.C.A. We've been told.

[D. Shellow] - Yeah. And then, immediately ...

[Witness 3] - Get off at alder.

[Witness 4] - I didn't see that girl.

[Witness 6] - There were a lot of us on there.

[Witness 2] - We were just dancing, having fun.

[Witness 1] - How was I supposed ...

[Witness 3] - To know someone ...

[D. Shellow] - Was getting killed ? Can I go now ?

[Nick] - Actually, no, Doug. I'd like to go over it again, if you don't mind.

[D. Shellow] - From the beginning ?

[Nick] - Well, yeah, unless you know what happens in the end.

[D. Shellow] - Well, like I said ... I got the same invitation as everybody else did. I figured I'd go have some fun with some strangers.

[Nick] - It just sounds like there's an echo in here, cause I keep hearing the same thing, over and over again. Okay, can I see the tweet ? A tech-savvy guy like yourself, I'm sure you still have it on your phone, right ?

[D. Shellow] - Hum ... I got some personal stuff on there.

[Nick] - All right. Well, let's talk about the victim. So Serena Dunbrook got on the streetcar around the same time as you, right ? She's a pretty girl. She stood right behind you. You know, did you smell her perfume ? Did it turn you on to be rubbed up against her ?

[D. Shellow] - No.

[Nick] - Hey, come on, Doug. We have you on the videotape.

[D. Shellow] - I was on the other side.

[Nick] - Really ? Because in your previous statement, you said you didn't see her at all, so which one is it ? Come on. Let me see the phone, Doug. Unless you're hiding something.

[Hank] - Ag waiver turned up a dummy account opened with a spam e-mail. All it takes is half a brain and a laptop to manipulate an IP address. Benefit of social media ... Anyone can arrange cover for a murder. You get something off this Doug shellow guy ?

[Nick] - Yeah. I think I just did.


Scene 7 [Abandoned paper mill] :

[Hank] - Abandoned paper mill ? This doesn't look like home.

[Nick] - You know anything about primrose paper ?

[Hank] - I've heard of it. That's all. Old family business, been here forever. Do you really think Doug Shellow and John Coleman know each other ?

[Nick] - Let's hope letting them go pays off.

[Hank] - Hello, conspiracy.

[Nick] - So much for everybody claiming to be strangers.

[Hank] - Who is that ?

[Nick] - I can't get a good look at her.

[Bees buzz]

[Hank] - Oh, run ! Aah !

[Nick] - Get in this office !

[Hank] - What the hell's going on ? Where'd those bees come from ?

[Nick] - I don't know. Here, use some of these. Here.

[Hank] - Oh ! I've never seen so many damn bees in my life !

[Buzzing fades]

[Nick] - Wait. Where'd they go ?

[Hank] - Maybe they're hiding, waiting for us.

[Nick] - Yeah, I don't think bees hide.

[Hank] - Oh, man, I got at least a couple dozen bee stings. This is crazy. Someone gets killed with bee venom, and we get attacked by a swarm ?

[Nick] - Yeah, I don't think it's a coincidence.

[Hank] - Yeah, maybe Wu was right about a giant killer bee.

[Nick] - Come on. Let's get


Scene 8 [Nick & Juliette house] :

[Hank] - Ow ! Some help.

[Juliette] - You're a bigger baby than he is.

[Nick] - Two beers, one water.

[Juliette] - Bees usually sting when threatened or provoked. You kick a hive or something ?

[Hank] - No, they just came out of nowhere and headed straight for yours truly.

[Juliette] - Aw, maybe you're their flower.

[Hank] - Excuse me ?

[Juliette] - Bees are highly effective communicators. A scout will fly around till they find the perfect flower, then it goes back to the hive and signals the others to follow.

[Hank] - You learned all that in vet school ?

[Juliette] - Nope. Animal planet.

[Hank] - Well, they say anything about training bees to attack people ?

[Juliette] - That sounds more like a bad movie.

[Nick] - Well, shellow and Coleman are still our best leads. I just put out an APB.

[Hank] - What about our mystery woman ?

[Nick] - Well, two guys were reporting to her. So there's gotta be a connection between the three of them, the mill, and Serena Dunbrook.

[Hank] - Let's take a look at the case files burman sent us.

[Juliette] - Uh-uh, my patient is not doing anything but resting and not scratching for the next eight hours. Dude, if you were a dog, I would've already tranquilized you.

[Nick] - She's right. I got this. You go to sleep.

[Hank] - Thanks, doc.

[Juliette] - Bye. I know. You're sorry, but you have to work. I just thought I'd let you know what you'll be missing.

[Nick] - Look, I just have to do some research. I won't be long.

[Juliette] - Yeah, well, you've been turning this no-sleep thing into an art form lately. Night.



Scene 9 [Forest Hills Storage - Marie's Caravan] :

[Nick] - A Hexenbiest mark can be found under the tongue in both human form and morphed form. Hey. It's me. Did you hear about that girl who was murdered on the tram ?


Scene 10 [Abandoned paper mill] :

[Monroe] - Whoa ! Easy, there, five-o. You called me, remember ? Man. Don't you have a partner for this stuff ?

[Nick] - Yeah, sure, because if I told him my two main suspects turned into bees, he'd completely understand.

[Monroe] - Lucky me. So mellifers, huh ?

[Nick] - Yeah, they had something to do with a murder on a Portland streetcar.

[Monroe] - Murder ? Not really their shtick.

[Nick] - Well, bees bite, don't they ?

[Monroe] - Yeah, but only when ...

[Nick] - Threatened. I know. But I read in the book that they also have something to do with balancing the ecotone.

[Monroe] - Huh.

[Nick] - What does that mean ?

[Monroe] - That's just some fancy-pants mumbo jumbo for saying they're like gossips, you know ? A creature community switchboard. Or a social media. Huh. And if a mellifer sends out a message, it definitely means something sketchy's going on somewhere.

[Nick] - Well, Hank and I were attacked by a swarm of bees earlier. If that's sketchy enough for you. We were following two guys who turned out to be mellifers. And they met a woman.

[Monroe] - Yeah ? And ? What, you think I know everything about every creature out there?

[Nick] - No, I don't need you for what you know, I need your nose.

[Monroe] - Oh, I get it. So little Timmy's stuck in a well, you need Lassie to come find him ? Boy, you really know how to butter a guy up for a favor.

[Nick] - I got a bottle of '78 Bordeaux in my trunk.

[Monroe] - I can maybe catch a scent.

[Nick] - Okay. Now, you said mellifers deliver messages. What kind of message is it when they murder an innocent woman ?

[Monroe] - Maybe she wasn't so innocent. Mellifers only have one natural enemy.

[Nick] - Hexenbiests.

[Monroe] - Look at you, hitting the books.


[Monroe] - Oh, yeah.


[Monroe] - I'm definitely getting a female scent here. Undeniable.

[Nick] - You're that sure?

[Monroe] - No, her perfume. It's called "undeniable."

[Nick] - Hey, wait up.

[Monroe] - Don't you dare say, "heel."

[Nick] - Well, they didn't come in here. We saw them leave the mill.

[Monroe] - Hey. The nose knows. I am getting a big-time whiff of her in here. Maybe she left something behind.


[Monroe] - Oh, yeah. Scent's real strong.


[Monroe] - She could come back at some point. Maybe we could crack that Bordeaux while we wait.

[Nick] - Her name's Melissa Wincroft.

[Monroe] - Whoa. Did you just, like, Grimm that in some kind of telepathic way ?

[Nick] - No, I read it off an envelope. Melissa Wincroft, owner and CEO. This must've been her office.

[Monroe] - That's cheating. Well, I sniffed her out.

[Nick] - Good boy.


Scene 11 [Melissa Wincroft house] :


[Monroe] - Yeah, this is definitely her place.


[Monroe] - This is so the part of the horror movie where the sidekick gets it.

[Nick] - Just stay close.


[Monroe] - What is it ?

[Nick] - Shh.


[Monroe] - Tell me we are not going upstairs.

[Nick] - We're going upstairs.


Scene 12 [Melissa Wincroft house] :

[Hank] - Damn.

[Nick] - I know, right ? Forensics says this stuff is a preliminary match to the apitoxin in Serena's system. That clears our beekeepers.

[Hank] - Which makes Melissa Wincroft our primary, that clears if we could find her. She didn't sell this place or buy a new one. It's like she just picked up and disappeared. Now, can you tell me how in the hell you found this woman and her hive ?

[Nick] - Well, it's all in the legal files. Read 'em last night. Everything's connected ... Shellow, Coleman, the mill, even Serena.

[Hank] - Well, you could've called me. Hey, doctor told you to rest. Yeah, fine. All right. So, connect the dots.

[Nick] - Well, messy class-action lawsuit about a year ago. Serena represented ameri-mill in a hostile takeover of primrose paper. Uh, the employees tried to fight it ... they lost.

[Hank] - Let me guess, two of those employees were Doug shellow and John Coleman.

[Nick] - Exactly. Melissa Wincroft was their boss. Her family owned and operated the mill for over a century. She had the most to lose.

[Monroe] - So she's taking revenge on Serena for getting her company shut down.

[Nick] - Mm-hmm.

[An Officer] - Detectives. Sergeant Wu just called from Chapman square. There's been another flash mob murder.


Scene 13 [Street] :

[Wu] - Another tweet, another flash mob. This time, death by hokey pokey. Witnesses say the victim was doing her morning yoga routine when it started. Eye in the sky caught it all.

[Nick] - Shellow or Coleman in the group ?

[Wu] - Nope. Whole new set of flash mobbers this time. But unis grabbed shellow and Coleman about an hour ago. They're at the precinct. Both are staying silent until they lawyer up.

[Renard] - Tell me you got a solid lead on this.

[Hank] - We're zeroing in on a suspect ... Melissa Wincroft.

[Nick] - That's Camilla Gotleib. She was on the primrose paper case with Serena.

[Renard] - Two dead lawyers from the same firm ? I'd say we got ourselves a pattern.

[Nick] - There was a third lawyer on the case. I read it in the files. This is Detective Burkhardt. Send a unit to Berman, Rautbort and Associates and take an attorney into protective custody. Her name's Adalind Schade.


Scene 14 [Police Station] :

[Renard] - Miss Schade.

[Nick] - You.

[Renard] - I'm Captain Renard. These are Detectives Griffin and Burkhardt.

[Adalind] - Detectives. Thank you.

[Renard] - You can thank Detective Burkhardt. He's the one who figured it all out.

[Nick] - Actually, I'm still trying to piece it all together.

[Hank] - We need to ask you a few questions, if you're up for it. Can I offer you a cup of coffee ?

[Adalind] - Thanks.

[Renard] - Hey, Nick. Nick. You all right ? You look like you've seen a ghost. You know this woman?

[Nick] - For a second, I thought I'd seen her somewhere before.

[Renard] - But you're not sure. There's a killer out there that's already hit two of her coworkers. So, if you know something about Adalind Schade, now's the time to share it.

[Nick] - I don't know anything more about her than you do.

[Renard] - Well, then just, um, stay on your game and keep her safe. Don't want her to be number three.


Scene 15 [Autopsy Room] :

[Nick] - I need to see their tongues.

[Harper] - Whatever floats your boat. The bodies were so swollen, I had to cut 'em out just to get a look inside. Here they are.


[Nick] - Is there anything strange on either of them ?

[Harper] - What made that mark ? I thought that was weird too. Here. See ? But they're not tattoos. These marks have nothing to do with their deaths. Who would do this hideous thing to these girls ?


Scene 16 [Police Station] :

[A voice] - Ms. Wincroft, please answer the question regarding the quarterly earnings.

[M. Wincroft] - This is not about the money. They are trying to get rid of us. These workers ... Everyone, we are a family. And they're trying to shut us down to get us out of the way.

[A voice] - Your quarterly earnings, Ms. Wincroft.

[M. Wincroft] - I know who's behind this. And they're not gonna get away with it.

[Hank] - That sounds like a threat to me.

[Adalind] - I can't believe she could've done this to Serena and Camilla.

[Hank] - We just don't want you to be next. Now, miss Schade ...

[Adalind] - Please, call me Adalind. All my friends do.

[Nick] - All your friends are dead. I mean, it just seems more personal than a business transaction to me ... Eye for an eye sort of thing ... Like you hurt someone close to her or something.

[Adalind] - Some people don't get the big picture. I was just doing my job.

[Nick] - Hey, so am I. Just trying to get to the truth, here. Unless miss schade has something to hide.

[Adalind] - No more than you do, Detective. Look, I wish I could tell you something more about Melissa Wincroft, but I really didn't know her. I told you, it wasn't personal.

[Nick] - Yeah, well, maybe not for you. But if someone tried to take something important away from me, I'd take it very personally.

[Hank] - You know, let's take a break. Excuse us, Adalind. You coming ? What's up with you ? You're treating her like she's the perp.

[Nick] - I don't trust her.

[Hank] - You don't have to. You just have to protect her. Come on, we gotta track down Melissa Wincroft.

[Adalind] - Burkhardt remembers me.

[Renard] - I pushed him, but he's keeping it to himself.

[Adalind] - Maybe he's just waiting to get me alone.

[Renard] - I told you, I won't let anything happen to you.

[Adalind] - Is that what you told Serena and Camilla ?

[Renard] - Serena and Camilla are not you.

[Adalind] - I can take care of myself. Just find this queen. Or I'm not the only one who's gonna get stung.

[Hank] - Got it, thanks. No credit card activity, no travel, no sign of Melissa Wincroft in the system.

[Nick] - She's got no known family.

[Hank] - Friends ?

[Nick] - Well, we know about John Coleman and Doug shellow, but I doubt she's gonna be calling them.

[Hank] - That look usually gets us in trouble.

[Nick] - Well, she might not be getting in touch with them. What if they got in touch with her ?

[Hank] - Wu said Shellow's not cooperating until he sees a lawyer.

[Nick] - We don't need him to cooperate. We just need him to do what he does best ... Send a message. And he doesn't know we're protecting Adalind Schade.

[Hank] - And neither does Melissa Wincroft.

[Nick] - Hey, Doug. How you doing ? You hungry ? You and I have some unfinished business. So why don't we pick up where we left off ? You were about to show me some tweets.

[D. Shellow] - Tweet this. I don't have to do anything until my lawyer gets here.

[Nick] - Oh, Doug. We have you at the scene of the crime. We tailed you to a meeting with our prime suspect. You will do seven to ten on conspiracy alone, no matter how good your lawyer is. So why do you wanna keep protecting Melissa Wincroft ? There's gonna be another victim, isn't there ? Tell me ... Who is it ? Doug, come on, do yourself a favor. Who is Melissa Wincroft's next target ?

[Hank] - Nick, Captain needs to see you, now.

[Nick] - Hank, I'm in the middle of something. This isn't over.

[Wu] - Oscar-worthy performance, de niro.

[Nick] - Middle-school drama club.

[Renard] - This better work.

[Nick] - It will. It's in his nature.

[Hank] - Come on, Doug. Phone's right there, buddy. Take the bait.

[Hank] - There it is, Wu.

[Wu] - On it.

[Renard] - How quick does this stuff work ?

[Wu] - There. He just sent a direct message to a blocked user.

[Nick] - Well, can you ...

[Wu] - Of course I can. I'm Asian.


[Wu] - Okay. Here's the message. "They don't know. As open." "As open."

[Nick] - "As." A.S., Adalind schade. He just told Melissa Wincroft to make the move.


Scene 17 [Lawyer's office] :

[An officer on the cover] - You're home early, miss schade. She's headed your way.

[Wu] - Which floor, miss schade ? Bird's in the nest.

[Nick] - Nice work. Now, let's hope Melissa Wincroft takes the bait.

[Adalind] - Do you really think this'll work ?

[Hank] - Well, we've gotta smoke her out of her hiding place somehow. Every eye in the department is on your place.

[Adalind] - Thanks, Detectives. This is probably a big inconvenience for you.

[Nick] - No, we're just doing our jobs, nothing more.

[Hank] - Anyone want some room service?

[Adalind] - I'm not really hungry.

[Hank] - Uh ... How about some tea ... Chamomile ? It's nice and relaxing ...

[Adalind] - Sure.

[Nick] - Nature's full of powerful concoctions.

[Hank] - I'm gonna make yours a double. There's gotta be a coffeemaker around here somewhere.

[Nick] - I know what you are.

[Adalind] - I'm an attorney.

[Nick] - You're a Hexenbiest, just like Serena and Camilla. I saw their marks.

[Adalind] - Detective, I don't know what ...

[Nick] - You tried to kill my aunt in the hospital, but you got me instead. So were they in on it with you ... Your sisters ? Who do you work for ? Okay. So you wanna play the victim. So, tell me ... Why do the mellifers want you dead ?

[Adalind] - You're a Detective. Figure it out.

[Nick] - I don't like this any more than you do. But if it's my duty to protect you, I damn well better have a good reason, or I might have a bad day at work.

[E. Spinella] - You shouldn't have involved me. I'm clean. I have nothing to do with this.

[M. Wincroft] - You have just as much to lose as we do.

[E. Spinella] - I don't wanna go to jail.

[M. Wincroft] - How can someone like you take care of someone like us ?

[E. Spinella] - They're going to find you.

[M. Wincroft] - Not before I get to her.

[E. Spinella] - There's no guarantee he'll understand what you've done.

[M. Wincroft] - When she's dead, he'll understand.

[E. Spinella] - Let's just get this over with.*

[Bees buzzing]

[M. Wincroft] - They'll find her.

[Bees buzzing]

[Nick] - I can't help you unless you tell me why Melissa Wincroft wants to kill you.

[Adalind] - You have no idea what you're in the middle of.

[Nick] - Oh, well, then who could blame me for making a mistake and letting a queen mellifer kill another Hexenbiest ?

[Adalind] - This won't end well.

[Nick] - For you.

[Adalind] - Or you. If something happens to me, it won't just be a Grimm killing a Hexenbiest. It'll be a cop who's let an innocent woman die on his watch. Up to you.

[Hank] - Can I get a little help in here ?

[Nick] - Won't budge.

[Hank] - It's like they're coming after us ! Oh ! Where are they going ?

[Nick] - Adalind. Adalind ? No sign of forced entry.

[Hank] - Why would she run ?

[Nick] - Button's still lit. She didn't take it.

[Hank] - I'm going up. Adalind !

[Nick] - Adalind ! Adalind ?

[M. Wincroft] - I have to kill her, you don't understand.

[Nick] - Drop it, I'm arresting you for the murders of Serena Dunbrook and Camilla Gotleib.

[M. Wincroft] - I did it to protect you.

[Nick] - There's no excuse.

[M. Wincroft] - We're clarions. We send warning calls. We're on your side. The lawsuit. It was conspiracy to get rid of us, they're not just lawyers.

[Nick] - It doesn't matter, you killed two people.

[M. Wincroft] - Two Hexenbiests. Closing the mill was their way of stopping us from warning you.

[Nick] - Warning me ?

[M. Wincroft] - Something's coming. Something ... bad. I have to finish this.

[Nick] - Melissa. Don't ! Melissa.

[Adalind] - This isn't your problem. Don't make a mistake.

[M. Wincroft] - She'll harm you. Don't listen to her !

[Adalind] - You're a cop ! Do your job !

[Nick] - Melissa !

[M. Wincroft] - You're a Grimm ! That's more important !

[Adalind] - Help me. Please. She killed my friends !

[Nick] - Melissa, back away !

[Hank] - Adalind, are you okay ?


[M. Wincroft] - He's coming for you.

[Nick] - Who ?

[M. Wincroft] - Beware. It's close.


Scene 18 [Nick & Juliette house] :

[Flashback] [Marie] - You have to hunt down the bad ones, just like your ancestors did.

[Juliette] - Hank said you did the right thing.

[Nick] - Sometimes it's not that simple.

[Juliette] - If it was simple, they wouldn't need you.

[Nick] - I don't think I made any difference. I tried to stop it. But I didn't.

[Juliette] - I think you made a pretty big difference to Hank and the woman whose life you saved. Doesn't that make you feel a little bit better about what happened ?

[Nick] - Yeah, it does.

[Juliette] - I'm cold. I'm gonna close the window.

[Nick] - No, I got it.

[Juliette] - Okay.

[Nick] - Go back to bed.

[Bee buzzing]

[Nick] - Aah !

[Juliette] - What happened ?

[Nick] - I just got stung.


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Ecrit par StoneHeart 
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